Precise ConstantColor MR16 - Open

Product Information

Precise MR16 lamps are low voltage tungsten halogen reflector-mounted lamps popular for downlighting and accent lighting applications because of their small size, precise beam control, high efficacy, excellent white light and cool beam characteristics

ConstantColor Coating

The application of GE Thin Film Technology is designed to maintain consistent colour throughout life. The durable Titania and Silica coating materials can withstand temperatures of 500°C without degradation over a rated life of 5000 hours. tech_const_clr_coating_250x150.jpg

General Characteristics

Wattage [W] 71 71
Volts [V] 12 12
Cap GU5.3 GU5.3
Candela [cd] 5500 2000
Beam Angle [°] 25 42
CCT [K] 3000 3000
Life [h] 4000 4000
Diameter [mm] 51 51
Length [mm] 46 46
Lumen [lm]
Bulb Type MR MR

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