GE Halogen Lighting

Energy Efficient and Low Voltage: Precise™ ConstantColor™ MR16 IR

GE's halogen IR (infrared) range of low voltage reflector lamps provide up to 43% energy savings over conventional MR16 lamps and – with the addition of the patented GE reflector coating technology – unparalleled colour rendering throughout life. The Precise™ IR halogen capsule has multiple layers of very durable, thin, interference film which redirects heat back onto the lamp filament. This allows it to give off more visible light for the same input power.

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Halogen Linear - Double Ended Lamps

Housing in a clear quartz bulb, these halogen floodlighting lamps have a ceramic one-pin cap on each end and can be operated on 230V or 240V mains

Energy Saving Halogen Decorative Range

Easy retrofit, 28% energy savings, twice the life, and a host of other benefits make these lamps an attractive replacement option for incandescent lamps

High Performance Halogen PAR Lamps

GE PARs can be used for virtually any purpose - indoor and outdoor. They are available in a wide variety of types, wattages, and beam spreads and provide huge cost of light savings

Halogen Reflector - Low Voltage

GE halogen reflector lamps combine outstanding light quality, intensity and control with efficient use of energy. They are well suited to creative lighting, with a choice of wattages, beam angles and technical types delivering design flexibility.

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