Double Ended Linear Halogen IR

Product Information

Housing in a clear quartz bulb, these halogen floodlighting lamps have a ceramic one-pin cap on each end and can be operated on 230V or 240V mains. Linear halogen lamps provide a powerful light source for compact fittings used for floodlighting, architectural lighting and security. GE抯 linear halogen lamps are double ended, using the universal R7s cap format, and are available in the two industry standards of 118mm or 78mm, plus longer, higher wattage versions

General Characteristics

  K9/Q225 T3/230V HIR K1/Q375 T3/230V HIR K9/Q225 T3/240V HIR K1/Q375 T3/240V HIR
Wattage [W] 225 375 225 375
Volts [V] 230 230 240 240
Cap R7s R7s R7s R7s
Candela [cd]        
Beam Angle [°]
CCT [K] 3000 3000 3000 3000
Life [h] 2000 2000 2000 2000
Diameter [mm] 10 10 10 10
Length [mm] 117.6 117.6 117.6 117.6
Lumen [lm] 5000 9400 5000 9400

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