Biax D E Longlast 4-pin

Product information

Biax™ D & D/E LongLast™ lamps are available in 10, 13, 18 and 26 watt ratings, 10 and 13W in T3 tube size, 18 and 26W in T4 tube size and ranging from 101mm to 174mm in length. Five colours are available in two-pin and four-pin caps. A high colour rendering index (CRI) of 82 gives rich, vibrant colour.

The lamps are available in warm and cool colour temperatures suitable for a wide variety of environments.

Application areas

• Down lighting
• Corridor lighting
• Wall sconces in office buildings
• Hotels/motels
• Restaurants
• Retail


• Up to 80% energy saving versus normal incandescent lamps
• Lasts 10 times longer than standard incandescent lamps
• High colour rendering index – 82Ra
• Full range of colour temperatures — 2700, 3000, 3500,4000 and 6500K
• 4-pin lamps for use with electronic gear may be used with dimmers

Specification summary

Wattage [W] 10 13 18 26
Voltage [V] 51 77 80 80
Lumens [lm] 600 900 1200 1800 / 1710
Cap/Base G24Q-1 G24Q-1 G24q-2 G24q-3
Bulb Shape QUADPI - Quad (Double Biax) plug-in
Bulb Diameter (MAX) [mm] 34.40
Colour temperature [K] 2700/3000/3500/4000/6500
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) [Ra] 82
Rated Life [h] 20,000
Dimming Capability Yes
Maximum Overall Length [mm] 100.5 131.5 146.5 162
Operating Temperature (MIN) [°C] -15
Minimum starting temperature [°C] -15
Burn Position U - Universal
Pack Quantity 10
Energy Efficiency Class B A B B
Mercury Content [mg] 3
Brand General Electric (GE)



Wattage [W] L1 [mm] L2 [mm] L3 [mm] Lmax [mm] D1 [mm]
10 78.7 91.2 15 100.5 21.5
13 109.7 95.5 15 131.5 21.5
18 124.7 110.5 15 146.5 27
26 140.2 126 15 162 27

Lamp life

Rated average life for Biax™ D LongLast™ is 12,000 hours and D/E LongLast™ is 20,000 hours. 

Cathodes of a fluorescent lamp lose their electron-emissivity during life due to the evaporation of emission mixture. When the deterioration reaches a certain level, the cathode breaks. Typical lifetime characteristics are based on GE Lighting's measurements according to the relevant IEC standards. The declared lamp life is the median life, which is when 50% of the lamps from a large sample batch would have failed. Real lifetime figures may depend on actual application. For instance improper cathode preheat, too high operating current, or too low operating current without additional cathode heating reduces the expected life.

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