GE Integrated CFL Lighting

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

GE's extensive compact fluorescent lamps give you the energy saving benefits you want and the high quality lighting you expect. Energy efficient and economic: 80% energy efficient vs incandescent from our ‘A' energy labelled products and last long years in service from 6,000 up to 15,000 hours. Fits almost everywhere: available in small incandescent sizes and look-a-like shapes, with both ES and BC caps and also in a wide range of shapes – from stick, spiral and decorative form. Outstanding light quality: outstanding light quality; is guaranteed throughout the lamps' life, available in various colour temperatures and rovide quick and flicker-free start with a fast warm-up.

CFL Spiral Lamps

GE Spiral lamps offer an even better alternative to incandescent replacement. Its design makes it more efficient than the standard tube CFL.

Integrated Decor Lamps

Decor lamps combine the desired shape of traditional incandescent light bulbs with the efficiency benefits of compact fluorescent

CFL Stick Lamps

Stick (or tube) lamps are the most famous among the compact fluorescent range. They offer a great replacement for incandescent lamps with a small cost.

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