Tetra EdgeStrip

New Tetra EdgeStrip is engineered to install easily around the edge of signs with a 3 to 6 inch can depth. Perfect for single or double-sided signs, Tetra EdgeStrip delivers money-saving advantages over T8 fluorescent tubes while producing outstanding visual performance that protects end-user brand image.

    Discover the new LED alternative that can handle shallow cabinet signs - Tetra EdgeStrip

Specification Features

Specification Features

  • Up to 78% energy savings vs.T8 fluorescent tubes
  • Patented OptiLens technology creates an impressive even light coverage of the sign face
  • Overmolded design protects component from damage
  • Mounting tape and pre-drilled hde make mounting easy
  • Colours: 7100K, 5000K, 4100K, 3200K


  • Slashes maintenance costs
  • Works in single and double-sided box signs
  • Easy to install system
  • Long rated life of 50,000 hours

Enhance your brand image

Tetra EdgeStrip uses OptiLens™, GE's unique lens technology which captures otherwise wasted light and redirects it towards the illuminated surface to create an exceptionally uniform sign.

T8 fluorescent tubes can create an unwanted “striping” effect where the space between the tubes appears darker. This visual distraction sends the wrong message about your business, and undermines your overall brand image

Impressive Energy Savings

When you make the switch from T8 Fluorescent tubes to the advanced technology of Tetra EdgeStrip, you give up some brightness for the exceptional uniformity and impressive energy savings of LED. This superior efficiency produces energy savings up to an incredible 78%. Imagine the positive impact that will have on your bottom-line over the long life of the system

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