GE Outdoor Roadway Lighting Fixture M-250R2 Luminaire

M-250R2 Roadway Luminaire – M2RR

Product ID: M2RR

From HID to LED, GE continues to push Roadway Lighting to new heights. Recognized for the highest quality and reliability in street, highway, parkway, and commercial applications, GE offers a wide selection of styles to meet the lighting needs of municipalities, utilities, DOT customers and more.


  • Universal two-bolt slipfitter 
  • Die-cast aluminum housing with polyester powder gray paint finish 
  • Adjustable mogul base socket (street side) – E39 standard 
  • No-tool PE receptacle 
  • Plug-in ignitor 
  • External stainless steel bail latch 
  • Plastic pest guard standard (not required for 2 in. pipe) 
  • UL Listed for wet location available as an option


  • For lower wattage roadway applications including residential streets, parking lots and other long, narrow areas.

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