LED outdoor lighting with LED Road R250 by GE Lighting Europe

LED R250

The new LED Road R250 luminaire features an advanced LED optical system that provides improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glare and improved lighting control compared with traditional metal halide lighting systems.

    • High efficiency to meet rigorous photometric requirements
    • System rating 50,000 hours L80 to reduce maintenance
    • White light with desirable colour temperature
    • Integral dimmable analogue driver for remote monitoring and control


The benefits of white light

There's a new light in town - and on motorways, bridges, pedestrian areas and carparks - and that's white light.  For comfort, safety and security the latest white light technologies can offer immediate energy savings on installation an    d a better respect for the environment. Much closer to daylight, the ambience of white light is perceived as being brighter because you can distinguish colours more easily.  This, in turn, makes a person feel more secure and comfortable in their surroundings as it enables easier recognition of people's faces and other details.  It also acts as more of a crime deterrent and makes for clearer CCTV images. In addition, for road users studies have shown that a car driver's reaction time (mesopic vision) is at least six times higher under white light and the higher colour rendering also improves obstacle recognition. 


Product description

The R250 LED Road luminaire combines over 100 years of street lighting experience with a decade in designing breakthrough LED systems.  This system features with an advanced LED optical system improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glareand improved lighting control for the efficient lighting of streets, ring roads, residential areas, footpaths and cycle-ways. The modular design of the R250 LED Road provides a complete and scalable offer from 39 to 237W in two  colour temperatures. The R250 LED Road luminaire has an IP65 protection degree for both optical and gear compartment. It meets 2G vibration standards.

Features & Benefits

LED Road R250 for street lighting from GE Lighting Europe

  • High efficiency to meet rigorous photometric requirements
  • System rating 50,000 hours at L80 to reduce maintenance
  • White light with desirable colour temperature 6000K, 4000K and 3000K with CRI 70 for visual comfort – depending on the country and area where they will use it; city centers like warm colours for example
  • Integral dimmable analogue driver for remote monitoring and control – more energy saving
  • IP65 for both optical and gear compartment
  • System consumption from 39W to 229W, 33 different photometries (lighting distribution) – choice: where they want to use it
  • Meets 2G vibration standards
  • Modular design: 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules
  • Create high uniform lighting on the road for safety reasons
  • Better colour appearance and rendering for visual needs of pedestrians

The outdoor environment is complex and demanding for lighting. Not only are there the physical demands of weather and the city environment but outdoor luminaires must also perform as efficiently as possible to reduce energy use and keep publicly funded costs as low as can be achieved. Furthermore, outdoor lighting must provide a safe and secure night-time environment in cities that operate 24/7. LED lighting, together with careful product engineering, is GE's biggest ally in meeting these needs. It is a solution that has been developed on four levels – the four dimensions of LED efficiency. 


1. Optical efficiency

GE LED fixtures have carefully designed optics that ensure that light only goes where it is needed. This reduces wastage and cuts down light pollution. In addition to the quality of the optics, GE also focuses on providing a wide choice of optics so that lighting designers can light many different types of application as efficiently as possible.

  • Variety of light distributions
  • Excellent cut-off
  • Horizontal and vertical uniformity
  • Unique reflector design

The GE LED Engine

GE LED Engine for LED Luminaires

At the heart of GE's high efficiency LED luminaires is GE's unique LED Light Engine, an Optical Ring system in which LEDs and optics work together to provide lighting performance that is second to none. LEDs are placed precisely on the reflector surface in order to maximise the efficiency of the required light distribution, delivering light only where it is needed. A specially designed heat sink ensures that the efficiency of the system is maximised.

  • Good, even, vertical illumination.
  • Excellent method for meeting light trespass requirements.
  • Maintains photometric patterns in the event of discreet LED failures.
  • Allows customised photometric patterns, unlike refractive light optics.
  • Avoids the need for silicon fillers inside individual lenses which are less reliable and require extra material cost.
  • Reduces glare; the eye only sees light from the few LEDs pointing in the viewer's direc

2. Design efficiency

The award-winning designs of GE LED luminaires are efficient and future proof so that maintenance is minimal and updates can be easily performed. They are also designed to be as flexible as possible in use so that the lighting needs of a complex site can be provided for by one product or product range.

  • Excellent thermal management
  • Best-in-class LEDs
  • Variety of shapes
  • Variety of mounting options, eg post-top, wall-mount etc.
  • Easy maintenance and upgrades through LED engine replacement
  • Award-winning designs

Managing heat

Managing heat about LED Road R250

The management of heat plays an important part in the performance of a luminaire. Heat sinks inside fittings, together with outer surface areas equipped with features such as heat fins, ensure that luminaires are as heat-efficient as possible. In addition, interior layout is always carefully planned by GE engineers to minimise heat build-up.

3. Application efficiency

LED outdoor lighting systems from GE are designed as a long term commitment to efficiency and low maintenance. By creating products that are versatile and have a wide range of applications, GE's engineers ensure that they will deliver efficient service, wherever they are used. GE LED light sources enable the design of highly efficient optical systems that only light the desired area. The less precise control of larger, non-LED light sources often results in light spillage. Also, the extreme long life of the LED light source – typically 50,000 hours - drastically reduces the time and cost of maintenance compared to other light sources.

  • Variety of light sources
  • Long life for low maintenance
  • Light is distributed only where it is required
  • Full compliance with EU standards

4. Environmental efficiency

Enviromental friendly lighting

While the efficiency of GE LED systems is paramount, they are conceived with the complete environmental audit trail in mind, including manufacturing and disposal. The WEEE and RoHS directives place a responsibility on manufacturers to minimise the environmental impact of the construction and disposal of electrical products and among other things they address concerns about mercury entering the environment. GE LEDs contain no mercury or glass, which greatly reduces the burden of disposal or recycling.

  • Low energy consumption reduces carbon emissions
  • Compliant with WEEE and RoHS
  • Produced locally where possible to reduce carbon footprint

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