R150 Professional

Evolve™ LED Medium Cobra head luminaire is highly reliable LED solution specially designed for Asian roadway lighting, which out-performs the previous generation R150 Professional luminaire.

Product Features

The system is designed to perform 50,000 hours. Compared with the traditional High Pressure Sodium lamp, its energy saving is up to 50%. And its unique optical can effectively control glare and light trespass and significantly improve the light distribution uniformity of roadway lighting

  • Die-cast aluminum housing and corrosion resistant polyester powder painted using traditional ERMC mechanical design
  • Utilizes High power LEDs, 6000K (CRI: 70)
  • System rating is 50,000 hrs @ L80 (80% lumen maintenance)
  • IP65 rated
  • 220V-240V voltage available with electronic driver, PF>0.9
  • Meets ANSI 2G vibration standards
  • Class I

Evolve™ LED Medium Cobrahead luminaires are suitable for Highways, parkways, Commercial Area's, Residential Area's and pedestrian walkways

80% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours

The 50,000 burning hours are equal appr. 10-12 years of operation before replacement and due to the 80% lumen maintenance you can expect consistent light output over life. Reduced energy consumption combined with a long rated life that enables the new LED Area Lighter to provide significant operating cost benefits over the lifetime of each luminaire.

Unique Optical Design

Unique optical design, effective control of the glare can avoid the light invaded, and improve the evenness of road lighting.


Road Width: 14m(Four-lane, Two-way) 

Luminaire Layout: Facing 

Mounting height: 8m 




SPACING : 32m | LPD : 0.60 W/m² SPACING : 38m | LPD : 0.520 W/m²


  L (mm) W(mm) Wmax (mm) H (mm)
R150 Pro 845.30 242.37 382.40 138.60

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