Premium quality lighting and excellent glare control

GE's ULTRA*SPORT™ Flood Lighting Luminaire is ideal for major stadiums where premium quality lighting,  excellent colour, glare control and vertical illumination are required.


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  • IESNA Class III to major stadiums where premium quality lighting and excellent glare control are required
  • Large stadiums and indoor arenas where color TV (CTV) recording and broadcasting will be common and excellent color and vertical illumination are required
  • Sports fields and arenas where optional instant hot restart is desired

Specification Features

  • UL 1598 listed, suitable for wet locations
  • High reflectance coated glass primary reflector, ALGLAS finish on 20-inch (508mm) diameter aluminum front secondary reflector
  • Optional internal glare/spill light control arc cutoff skirts
  • Rear re-lamping door with corrosion-resistant fasteners and lamp power disconnect
  • Broken glass shutdown circuit
  • Optional instant hot restart
  • Compact die-casting aluminum integral ballast housing with thermally isolated optical
  • Utilizes advanced 2000 watt,1500 watt double-ended metal halide lamps
  • Hydro?Gard advanced filtering system
  • Remote ballast system available-contact factory
  • Magnapack packaging available


  • 1 - Rear relamping door (contains primary reflector)
  • 2 - Die-casting ballast housing with integral optical support(2A)
  • 3 - Heavy duty optical casing
  • 4 - Secondary reflector
  • 5 - Tempered flat glass
  • 6 - Internal glare control skirts (on option)
  • 7 - Aiming degree indicator
  • 8 - Trunnion



22mm DIA hole
Effective projected area: 0.29²
Net weight: 25-34kg

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