For recreation and competition sports fields in high resolution

Multiple circular beam optics are available from very narrow to very wide, thus permitting optimized illumination designs with minimal light dispersion. Luminaire and ballast are supplied and tested by GE, ensuring the best possible product quality.

Flood Lighting - POWR•SPOT III

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  • Recreational and competition sports fields at all levels
  • General flood lighting where revolving reflectors are needed

Specification Features

  • Suitable for wet locations, UL listed
  • Die-casting aluminium ballast housing with acrylic electrocoat gray paint finish inside and out
  • Enclosed, gasketed, filtered optical with ALGLAS finish on aluminium reflector and tempered glass closure
  • Thermal separation of ballast from socket and lamp
  • Removable cover for access to ballast and wiring compartment
  • No-weep-hole condensate drain when aimed down
  • Built-in cable and strain relief bushing
  • Heavy gauge steel trunnion with aiming reset stop
  • Mogul base socket-E39 standard with lamp stabilizer 1000&1500 watt
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Position oriented socket available for "minimum" tilt factor lamp-contact factory
  • Field convertible glare reduction available. See components
  • Remote ballasted system available-contact factory


Order Logic

PSFA 51 6 A 1 2 UP M

Product Identity


Light Source


Ballast Type

Trunnion Type

Nema Type Beam Spread Horiz

Optical Reflector
6=220V, 50Hz
Y=240V, 50Hz
T=220V, 60Hz
A=Autoreg 1=Straight 1=1 1
2=2 2
3=3 3
4=4 4
5=5 5
6=6 6
HD0=Heavy Duty 20 in
HD2=Heavy Duty 22 in
GP0=General Purpose 20in.
GP2=General Purpose 22 in


22mm DIA hole
Effective Projected Area: 0.28m²
Net Weight: 25-29 kg
Optical A (mm) B (mm) D (mm)
559mm 584 316 872
508mm 526 319 795

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