For symmetrical and asymmetric light distribution

For building facade, stadiums, industrial yards many more flood lighting applications where symmetrical and asymmetric light distribution is required

Flood Lighting - EUROFLUX

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Floodlight with integrated ballast compartment for single-ended HPS and Metal Halide (MH) lamps up to 600W and double-ended, RX7, up to 150W. The different optics available provide a rectangular beam and offer extraordinary vertical cut-off control. Luminaire, ballast and lamp are supplied and tested by GE, ensuring continuity of product quality.

Application : illumination of extensive outdoor areas such as car parks, sports facilities, recreational areas, facades, airport aprons, motorway junctions and intersections. Luminaire complete with lamp


  • Building facade, stadiums, industrial yards
  • Symmetrical and asymmetric light distribution


  • High quality engineering plastic housing, IP65
  • High purity aluminium reflector with anodized finish for symmetric and asymmetric beam pattens
  • Heat and shock resistant tempered glass lens
  • EF15 150W max
  • EF25 250W max
  • EF40 600W max


Optical assembly sealed providing IP65, comprising :

  • Flat tempered glass lens sealed with silicone to the door
  • Aluminum reflectors with various optics offering a rectangular beam
  • EPDM gasket between housing and glass lens

Lamp : Luminaire complete with GE lamp
  • for S types - Lucalox™ HPS lamp
  • for M types - ConstantColor™ CMH or Quartz Metal Halide lamp.


Frontal access to lamp and control gear. Stainless steel clip opening.
Installation : Mounting by way of heavy-gauge steel brackets with aiming degree indicator.

Electrical Gear and Compartment

Electrical unit fitted to removable tray. With a protection degree IP65. For HPS 600W and MH 400W.
Insulation class I.



  H (mm) L (mm) D (mm) W (mm) G (mm)
EF15 341 300 177 310 265
EF25 422 380 205 390 342
EF40 497 422 225 432 392

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