GE Retail Display Lighting

Creating a positive experience, from arrival to checkout

GE's Retail Lighting solutions can help a carton of eggs look farm fresh, turn a summer dress into a must-have, convert a parking lot into a welcome mat, and make a warehouse environment come to life.

No one understands how light transforms a shopper's experience better than your GE Retail Lighting team. We create lighting solutions that bring your store to life. We get excited about what light can do for your retail space. But before we illuminate, we listen. Together, we determine the best way to reach your goals of customer experience, space transformation, function of light and product selection.

LED Lighting is changing the landscape of retail lighting and GE offers hundreds of LED fixtures and lamps to meet your specific application needs.

We're committed to adding value through a combination of technological innovations and service offerings. Our comprehensive approach ensures you're getting the most customized, enhanced retail lighting solution with significant savings.

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Accent & Feature Display Lighting

GE Retail Accent Lighting

Use Accent Lighting to emphasize product shape, color & texture to help customers make an informed decision. Special technologies deliver rich, vibrant color without fading or discoloring merchandise.

Learn more about Accent & Feature Display Lighting.

Ambient, General & Low Bay (<30') Lighting

GE Retail Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting can improve a customer's sense of comfort, well-being and orientation. The easier it is for customers to find their way, the more likely they are to stay and browse.

Learn more about Ambient Lighting.

Refrigerated Display Lighting

GE Retail Refrigerated Display Lighting

GE LED refrigerated display lighting solutions for reach-in and walk-in refrigerated cabinets are the ideal alternative to fluorescent lighting—and a great way to give your compressors a break.

Learn more about LED Refrigerated Display Lighting.

High Bay & Warehouse (>30') Lighting

GE Retail Warehouse Lighting

Because employees are often a company's largest investment, it's important to optimize light for their comfort, satisfaction and productivity.

Learn more about High Bay Lighting.

Specialty Areas Lighting

GE Specialty Retail Lighting

Specialty lighting is ideal for the checkout aisle, the prep area of a deli, the back office, or taking lunch in the employee break room, as well as bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Learn more about Specialty Lighting.

Sign Lighting

GE Retail Sign Lighting

GE LED Sign Lighting Systems enable infinite signage applications, provide significant energy cost savings, easier installation, less frequent maintenance & uniform brightness across your signs.

Learn more about Sign Lighting.

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