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With over 100 years of experience, GE is a leader in outdoor lighting solutions

The outside of your store is as important as the inside when it comes to creating a good first impression. This could be a deciding factor between a customer walking through your doors or going elsewhere. Site lighting should establish you as a responsible neighbor, illuminating your property and building beautifully, creating a feeling of security, and providing a warm invitation to customers – and employees – to step inside. GE fixtures offer reliability, long life, durability & an assortment of light beam spreads to meet varying parking lot configurations and aggressive local ordinances. Our area and flood lighting products deliver significant energy savings, incredible uniformity, and excellent spill (trespass) control.

Site & Area Lighting Fixtures & Lamps

GE's Site, area, and general lighting solutions utilize a variety of technologies to provide light uniformity and effective security light levels to meet your application's needs.

LED Decorative Post Top Lighting Fixtures

These reliable fixtures offer long-life, durable construction and an assortment of light beam spreads to meet a wide variety of exterior lighting applications.

LED Façade Lighting Fixtures

GE's Façade Lighting has an optical design the efficiently directs the light and produces superior photometrics to highlight details.

LED Wall Lighting Fixtures

GE LED Wall Lighting Solutions allows lighting designers to on the fixture capitalize flexibility without compromising photometric distribution.

LED Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures

Increasing the safety and security of your lots, GE Parking Garage Lighting evenly lights the area and provides and overall brighter space.

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