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With GE Evolve™ LED Systems, automotive dealerships can dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs. And GE Capital can provide the financing to make you cash flow positive - immediately. Here's how it works:

Simple math, dramatic savings.

Project Illustration: Single dealership, parking lot site Lighting, conversion of HID to GE Evolve™ LED Area Light with GE Monitor™ Stand-Alone Controller. We can provide a plan and analysis for your unique circumstances.

Project Savings The Math
Current Situation: 68 HID Fixtures   193,210 kWh / Year
Proposed: 50 LED Fixtures with Controls - 28,420 kWh / Year
Annual kWh Savings   164,790 kWh / Year
Electricity Rate x 11¢  
Annual Energy Savings   $ 18,127  
Annual Maintenance Savings + $ 2,040  
Total Annual Savings   $ 20,167  
Monthly Savings     $ 1,681
Project Cost  
Estimated Fixtures & Controls Costs   $ 58,317  
Utility Rebate - $ 2,200  
Adjusted Fixtures & Controls Cost   $ 56,117  
Installation Cost (Labor & Materials) + $ 6,900  
Total Project Cost   $ 63,017  
Monthly Expense (5 Year Financing Term)     $ 1,293
Financial Outcome  
With Financing      
Positive Cash Flow / Month     $ 388
ROI     30%
Total Savings Over Life of Product (10 Years)     $ 124,096
Without Financing      
Simple Payback     3.1 Years
Total Savings Over Life of Product (10 Years)     $ 138,652

Our detailed process delivers optimized lighting and savings.

Many parking lots are over lit or too bright in some areas and too dark in others. Using the process below, we can optimize your parking lot lighting with increased uniformity while reducing your overall system wattage. This can typically be done with one-to-one fixture replacement, or with a reduction of fixtures for even greater savings.

1. Satellite Image 3. Optimized Photometric Lighting Model
2. Field Audit 4. Lighting Visualization

Trade up to GE LED Systems. Here's how.

GE's team of experts can recommend technical solutions, discuss benefits and compare lighting technologies to help you visualize your outdoor lighting investment. We're ready to help you through the process, from start to finish. It doesn't get much easier than this.

  • You answer a few easy questions.
  • We conduct a simple energy audit.
  • We provide a comprehensive lighting plan.
  • We help facilitate an application for a financing plan.
  • We help you with utility rebates, where available and qualified.
  • You watch the savings roll in after installation.

Are you ready to make a smart investment?

Find out just how much GE Evolve™ LED Systems can pay you back. Let us execute your free energy audit. And be sure to ask how we can help you apply for GE Capital financing - no money down.

Every project and the potential savings are different. Let us work with you on your specific outdoor and indoor lighting needs. Schedule your free audit today!

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Simple solution, dramatic lighting

GE Evolve™ Outdoor LED Lighting - After

Showcase your vehicles beautifully with outdoor LED lighting, add a measure of security, and enhance your customer experience.


"We were skeptical of the LED lighting at first because the energy savings seemed 'too good to be true.' Once we saw the high quality of the lighting we were receiving – for a fraction of the energy cost – we were very interested. Because of the results we have seen, we are now looking into GE LED fixtures inside our showroom."

-Platform Manager, Leading Dealer


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