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Focus attention where you want it

How can you help customers pinpoint what they're looking for, or what they may not know they want? Once they find it, how do you emphasize product shape, color, texture and finish to help them make an informed decision? By creating contrast from ambient lighting to accent lighting, you can enhance the prominence, attractiveness and clarity of your displayed merchandise with accent & feature lighting solutions from GE.

  • Energy-saving halogen, ceramic metal halide and LED accent lighting solutions bring out the best in your merchandise, attracting customers and enhancing your store's appeal, while reducing operating costs and boosting sales.
  • Special technologies deliver rich, vibrant color without fading or discoloring your featured merchandise

Halogen Lamps

Available in a wide variety of types, wattages, and beam spreads, Halogen PARs provide huge cost of light savings: less than a one year payback in most cases. GE PARs are ideal for accent lighting, merchandising displays, and general illumination.

ConstantColor® CMH® Systems

GE's CMH lamps offer advantages that make them ideal for accent and spot lighting, including: highly controllable point source of light, consistent color over life and long life – up to 24,000 hours.

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