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Enhance your sense of safety with proper LED area lighting

Many parking lots are over lit altogether or too bright in some areas and too dark in others. Our area and flood lighting products, including our family of energy-efficient EvolveTM LED Area Light systems, deliver significant energy savings, incredible uniformity, and excellent spill (trespass) control. Proper parking lot lighting can dramatically reduce energy and maintenance cost. Not to mention the sense of comfort and safety that comes in a proper lit area. GE Lighting has the solution for your hospitality lighting needs. GE Lighting can optimize your parking lot lighting with increased uniformity while reducing overall energy savings. This can typically be done with one-to-one fixture replacement, or with a reduction of fixtures for even greater hospitality lighting savings.

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Halogen Lamps

Available in a wide variety of sizes, wattages, and beam spreads, Halogen Lamps provide huge cost of light savings: less than a one year payback in most cases. GE Halogen Lamps are ideal for accent lighting, visual displays, and general illumination. Explore all of GE's Halogen Lamps.

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