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GE Lighting's T8 LOV is ideally suited for open office area's, conference rooms, shopping malls and other indoor public area's where excellent photometric control and lighting output is a must.


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  • Open office areas
  • Conference rooms, shopping malls
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Low glare required areas, e.g. PC monitors
  • Other public indoor areas

Specification Features

  • Housing: 0.6mm cold roll steal with electrostatic powder coating; unique design provides a firm structure
  • Optics: high purity anodized aluminium reflector with unique single or double parabolic louver designs, provides excellent photometric control and optimal lighting output
  • Mirror or frosted finished reflectors or acrylic diffcuser for options
  • Gear Box: high efficiency GE magnetic or electronic ballasts, work with GE T8 fluorescent lamps


Order Logic

LOV 8601 318 H M


Serial Number

Light Source


LOV=Standard 8601=Single Parabolic Reflector 318=3×18W T8 Fluorescent Lamps L=Magnetic Ballast without Capacitor F=Frosted Finish Reflector
  8602=Double Parabolic Reflector 236=2×36W T8 Fluorescent Lamps H=Magnetic Ballast with Capacitor M=Mirror Finish Reflector
  8603=Acrylic 418=4×18W T8 Fluorescent Lamps EB=Electronic Ballast OPL=Acrylic Diffuser
    336=3×36W T8 Fluorescent Lamps    
    334=3×34W Biax Tube    


  L (mm) W (mm) H (mm)
3×18W 597 597 85
4×18W 597 597 85
2×36W 1197 297 85
3×36W 1197 597 85

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