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GE's Lighting Asia's range of T5 Industrial High bay's offer the energy efficiency of linear fluorescent lamps with excellent colour rendering, high efficiency, instant on. Ideal for warehouse, light industrial, stack aisle, commercial retail and general areas where high efficiency, consistent light output, white light, colour rendering, instant-on and lighting control may be required

Indoor Industrial - T5 Highbay

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Below you'll find a selection of relevant technical information associated with the given luminaire.

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  • GE ecomagination fixture
  • Fixture efficiency up to 90%+, 50% energy saving compared with GE HID fixture
  • 6 54W to replace 400W HID fixture
  • 4 54W to replace 250W HID fixture
  • DALI dimmable ballast as option*
  • GE HO T5 lamps, high lumen maintenance rate, long life, good color rendering
  • Passed 0.5G 3 dimensional 100,000 times vibration test
  • Easy mounting options: ceiling mounting, rigid pendent mounting, flex chain mounting
  • MIRO4 & 320G high efficiency reflector
  • Emergency battery system as option
  • PE & occupancy sensor*

*: Control system, PE & occupancy are not standard accessories, please order separately from relevant manufacturers


Electrical Standard & Safety

CCC & CB Certificated; IP20; 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz; Class I

Mounting & Structure

  • Ceiling mounting
  • Rigid pendent mounting
  • Flex chain mounting
  • Tool less open acrylic cover, anti-drop system
  • Easy installation wire guard
  • Quick wire connection system

Order Logic

S5H 4 5 B K



Lamp Watts

Ballast Type

B=Standard Ballast
E=DALI Dimmable Ballast
K=with Acrylic Lens
P=with Australian Standard Plug


  4 Lamps (mm) 6 Lamps (mm)
DIM. A 1270 1270
DIM. B 550 750
DIM. C 120 120
Notes: 54W fixture dimension

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