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Available in horizontal and vertical designs, compatible with GE Compact Fluorescent lamps for optimal efficiency, GE's range of downlights offer efficient solutions for department stores, lobbies, offices, conference rooms and other retail / commercial applications

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  • Department stores, lobbies, galleries, offices, conference rooms and corridors

Specification Features

  • Lamp : horizontal and vertical designs, ideal fit for GE Compact Fluorescent lamps
  • Ballast : GE Magnetic or Electronic Ballast
  • Gear Box : cold rolled sheet housing, electrostatic powder coating with good heat dissipation and corrosion resistance
  • Reflector : High purity aluminum reflector with frosted treatment. Professionally designed for glare control and high lighting output
  • Accessory : Frosted standard or clear glass
  • Lamp Holder : adjustable, fit for varying lamp sizes
  • Installation : Clip and buckle mounting, ease of installation for different ceiling thickness. Opening options : 4", 5", 6" and 8"

Electrical & safety

CCC Certified; IEC 60598; 220V/50Hz; IP20; Class 1


EFOH 2 x 13W H GL




EFOV = vertical
EFOH = horizontal
1x13W CFL (Plug-in)
2 x 13W CFL (Plug-in)
H = magnetic ballast with capacitance
L = Magnetic Ballast without capacitance
EB = electronic ballast
GL :glass

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