Commercial Lighting : Standard Downlight - CMH

GE Lighting's range of standard downlights for CMH compliment their surroundings thanks to the fixture's distinctive aesthetic design. The reflector design delivers an excellent light distribution and delivers a high efficiency level. It has also been certified with the highest approval marks, protection and insulation indexes.

Standard Downlight - CMH


  • Exhibition center,gallery, and commercial building

Specification Features

  • Lamp: can fit with GE ceramic matal halide lamps
  • Ballast: magnetic ballast
  • GearBox: aluminium extrusion procedure, with GE unique radiating fin design, to ensure stable enviroment for ballast and lamp
  • Reflector: 99.99% purity aluminum material, with unique glare control design 
  • with glass cover



  • Exhibition center,gallery, and commercial building

Order Logic

FOH 213 H GL




FOV 8621 = vertical
FOH 8621 = horizontal
MHT = single end metal halide lamp
MHTD = double end metal halide lamp
H = magnetic ballast
EB = electronic ballast
GL: with glass cover
AIM : angle adjustable


  Hole Ø(mm) Housing Ø(mm) Height (mm)
CMH lamp
FOV 8621 MH 35 T GL 160~162 175 140
FOV 8621 MH 70 T GL 178~180 193 153
FOV 8621 MH 150 T GL 214~216 229 151
FOH 8621 MH 70 TD GL 178~180 193 159
FOH 8621 MH 150 TD GL 214~216 229 159

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