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GE develops technology that adapts to natural sleep cycles

GE Align, a new lighting technology developed by the GE Lighting business unit, adapts to peoples' sleep cycle

Buenos Aires, July 2015. New studies explain that everyday electronic devices increase sleep disorders. According to Daniel Vigo, CONICET researcher at the Department of Teaching and Research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Catholic University, Argentina, "Now we sleep, on average, two hours less than 50 years ago."

That is why GE, a company present in Argentina for 95 years, developed GE Align, a new LED technology that helps maintain natural sleep cycles. In both versions, AM and PM, this new technology combines blue tones in lighting to maintain natural sleep rhythm. While the GE Align AM lightbulb, concentrates blue light helping suppress melatonin levels, the GE Align PM lightbulb, does not disturb the production of this gland.

While this advanced technology is not yet available in Latin America, GE offers as an alternative for countries in the region the new A60 and A67 LED lamps in warm and cold colors, to adapt to sleep rhythms. These products, combine energy savings to the versatility of applications.

Melatonin levels, the sleep hormone, follow a daily rhythm, tending to fall sharply in the morning, as people get up, and increase at night causing sleep. However, these levels are affected by the lights to which we are exposed daily, especially those that reflect blue colors. GE researchers discovered that warm-colored lighting does not suppress the production of this hormone. In that sense, they created the A60 and A67 LED lamps that help the body maintain natural rhythms.

The LED technology developed by the company goes beyond lighting, creating intelligent environments that adapt to the natural cycles of each person in order to positively impact daily life.

Thus, GE continues to develop technology that helps improve people's quality of life, allowing technology to adapt to the different individual requirements.

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95 years in Argentina

Since 1920, GE is a strategic partner for the construction of the infrastructure that keeps the country moving. Along with the more than 1,700 professionals that make up GE Argentina, the company works to assist in the construction of a developing country, bringing technology and innovation to improve and increase access to health, transportation, energy generation and distribution and transform various industrial processes.

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