GE to Illuminate Brazilian World Cup Arenas with Energy-Efficient Flood Lighting

GE Illuminates Brazilian World Cup Arenas with Energy-Efficient Flood Lighting

GE to Illuminate Brazilian World Cup Arenas with Energy-Efficient Flood Lighting

GE's commitment to innovative solutions will be demonstrated at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where GE flood lighting will illuminate the fields at five of the 12 arenas hosting the globe's most prestigious and most-watched soccer tournament. 

At the National Stadium in Brasilia and the Amazonia Arena, GE Lighting has provided lighting solutions for the entire complex, both to light the field and interior spaces. In the Pernambuco, Beira Rio and Maracanã arenas, GE's flood lighting will illuminate the playing fields. 

"HD broadcasting requires tenfold levels of lighting and color. GE's lighting technology meets FIFA's specifications so fans around the world can feel they are in the stands when they turn on their TVs,” said Alexandre Ferrari, GE Lighting's General Manager in Brazil.
GE Lighting's EF 2000 flood lights will be used in 28 of the 64 World Cup matches. In addition to meeting FIFA's requirements in energy efficiency, the lighting has been awarded LEED certification, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council that establishes and certifies the environmental performance of each lighting project in arenas with GE technologies.

The venue for the World Cup final will be the Mário Filho Stadium, known as the Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro. At the stadium, 396 of GE's 2,000-watt EF 2000 flood lights have replaced 120 older flood lights, enhancing the visibility on and off the field.

Each flood light has been individually adjusted to ensure accurate focus in every area of the field, with greater sharpness and clarity, which improves the match experience.

"Fans and players will have the impression that it is daylight, even in night games," Ferrari said, also noting the players' shadows will not be seen in television broadcasts.

GE has been working for more than a year to ensure the success of its World Cup lighting. GE also is responsible for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) solutions, which will provide power in the event of an outage, for better performance in the Natal, Pernambuco and Cuiabá arenas.

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