Go beyond for the Earth

The energy savings can reduce the global warming advance

In the Earth day, know the best way to reduce energy consumption by choosing the most efficient domestic lighting..

Sâo Paulo, 22 of april 2014 – Each year we see more natural disasters caused by the accelerated increase in both air and oceans temperature, facts that take part of the famous phenomenon known as ‘Global Warming'. In this international Earth Day, we can all minimize this impacts fighting against the high electric energy consumption. The ‘National Energy Balance' (BEN) data indicates that Brazil was one of the countries with the higher energy consumption in 2010.

The growth in the energy demand rise the need of the producers to expand their business. This is the case of hydroelectric plants, which have a huge environmental impact, and the power plants, which burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, generating the gases that retain the heat from the earth surface. 

Knowing how to choose your home lighting is, besides reducing the consumption, the best suggestion to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. The fluorescent lamps use an 80% less energy than the incandescent ones, providing the same light intensity, that's why is not a coincidence the second ones are disappearing from the market. This substitution can help us avoid the 150 kg of carbon dioxide emitted per year.

The halogen lamps are other alternative. They have the same bright and allow a 30% energy saving. Moreover, they have no Mercury which can pollute both water and soil.

Illuminating solutions with white (high temperature) colours are ideal for working places, kitchens and bathrooms. As the lights get yellower, warmer will be the sensation it generates. The color temperature option is a characteristic both Energy Smart and Basic family products have as well as they reduce up to an 80% the energy consumption.

In relation with the lamps rated life, the incandescent can operate a thousand hours or almost a year, while a LED system goes up to 25.000 hours more, reducing the replacement frequency and saving close to a 90% of the energy consumption. 

Plus the illumination, other usefuul actions in order to reduce the energy consumption are buying products with the ‘Procel Energy Savings' seal avoid the use of high consumption equipments, such us electrical iron anda shower douring  the peak hours between 18:00 and 21:00. If all of us play our part, together we can improve the planet.

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