Brilliant Lighting for More Workable and Livable Communities

    LED street lights do more than illuminate our paths. They guide our journeys and bring light to good things, helping to connect people—and their world—through ever increasing intelligence.

    GE's innovative platform, Intelligent Environments for Cities, uses LED street lighting and wireless sensors to connect, collect and analyze data, harnessing the power of the Industrial Internet to enhance quality of life for city residents and visitors.

    Discover what's possible through Predix™, GE's software platform designed to help cities operate more intelligently and efficiently.

A Platform That Transfers

Operating cities in an efficient and cost-effective manner despite ever-tightening budgets can be a challenge. Connecting a city to the Industrial Internet drives the change that can help turn those challenges into opportunities. From parking optimization to more efficient emergency responses and more, the possibilities are endless.

See how GE is helping the City of San Diego become a #BrainyCity

Intelligent Street Lamps Can Hear Gun Shots, Call For Help

GE and ShotSpotter Intelligent City Solutions
GE Lighting and ShotSpotter just signed a memorandum of understanding to bring gunshot detection to light fixtures as an option in GE's suite of intelligent LED technology for cities.

The acoustic sensors and software would give street lamps the ability to detect gunfire in real time, connect to 911, alert police patrol cars, and ping smartphones with the precise location of the shooting incident, the number of shooters and rounds fired and other valuable intelligence.

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Let There Be (More Than) Light

LED Street Lighting

Your community's streetlights are the real key to creating a wide-ranging, low-cost communications system.

Imagine this: You head out for dinner at a popular new restaurant in a hip part of downtown on a busy Saturday night. Before you leave home, you know the fastest route there and find an open parking spot immediately.

Read this article to discover how.

The Foundation of Enhanced Intelligence

City of San Diego

Light is bright. And light illuminates our path, be it a city street or highway.

LED street lighting is at the core of Intelligent Cities, brightening roadways while providing savings through increased energy efficiency, decreased maintenance needs and longer rated lifetimes.

Learn about GE's LED street lights—the foundation of Intelligent Cities.

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LightGrid Wireless Control System for Street and Roadway Lights

LightGrid Outdoor Wireless Control System

The unique technology inside this system allows for remote operation and monitoring of fixtures through a Web-enabled central management system.

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Intelligent Cities Infographic

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