Enhancing emergency response
and improving the well-being of
cities and citizens

The Connection
ShotSpotter™ sensors and software in intelligent GE LED fixtures deliver real-time and accurate gunfire detection information to cities.
The Detection
Real-time gunfire detection provides critical event data to responders such as precise location of incident and number of shots.
The Response
Alerts are broadcast to emergency and dispatch centers, patrol cars and even responder smartphones, enabling them to arrive on the scene swiftly with more precise and accurate information to better protect the community in an emergency situation.
The Implication
The smart city infrastructure can enhance the ability to receive rapid notification and precise location, allowing for a fast response to unthinkable emergency events at a fractional incremental cost.

With ShotSpotter sensors embedded into existing lighting fixtures throughout a city—rather than deploying them on their own mesh network— broader coverage areas will be available on a cost-affordable basis, creating value for emergency responders and communities alike.