Harnessing the Power of Light

    LED lights don't just illuminate—they also connect—providing data that can offer consumers a more customized experience while delivering increased analytics to store owners.

    Through the existing infrastructure and cloud-based technology, GE's Intelligent Enterprises solution will allow lights to not only brighten a facility but shed light on customers' needs.

    Discover how GE's commitment to technology can turn real-time operational data into a customizable solution for your facility.

The Technology Platform

GE Lumination LED Luminaires IS Series Retail Lighting Grocery Aisle Heinens

The Intelligent Enterprises solution is built with Predix™—GE's powerful cloud-based platform developed for the Industrial Internet.

Sensors in the fixtures are activated to allow LED lights to communicate with smartphones using Visible Light Communication, Bluetooth® Low Energy or video analytics. Predix offers a customizable solution to streamline your approach so you can focus on innovation instead of integration.

Learn how GE can help deliver a truly integrated lighting and software solution optimized around your critical metrics.

GE Intelligent Buildings Infographic

Stay Ahead with Data

By unlocking and collecting data from sensors, LED light fixtures make possible an entirely new level of customer service and insight. GE is creating a family of indoor positioning technology and products that could enhance the shopping experience, increase traffic in stores, drive greater guest conversion from shopping to buying, increase operational efficiency and more.

View Intelligent Buildings Infographic

Insight Through LED

LED lighting is the foundation of an Intelligent Buildings solution, saving money and reducing energy and maintenance costs while delivering an infrastructure for intelligence.

Learn about GE LED retail lighting—your key to invaluable information.

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