GE Maple Office Light New

GE Maple Office Light

With Maple your workspace or commercial establishment comes alive, enabling you to work more efficiently and productively, delivering quality outcomes. Maple — an inspiring, illuminating and innovative 'green' product from the GE Lighting family.

GE Maple Office Light

Commercial spaces need to reflect the right ambience in order operate efficiently and smoothly creating a positive impact on all stakeholders — employees, customers and partners — where they feel stress-free and comfortable.

Maple has been developed keeping the needs of the sophisticated, modern yet practical commercial uses in mind. Its stylish design, flexibility of use and life expectancy all combine to make it an ideal choice for your workspace interiors.

Flexibility & Versatility

  • Available in variants of 36 W, 42 W and 55 W which can replace conventional 2 x 36W and 4 x 14 W light applications
  • High level of architectural flexibility through Maple and Maple+ 
  • Ideal for museum displays, airport terminals, hotel lobbies and also office interiors

Performance & Efficiency

  • Rated life of L70 @ 50,000 hours of provides uninterrupted service 
  • Superior lumen and color maintenance
  • Highly efficient low power loss driver helps maintain the system at a cooler temperature leading to longer driver life

Design & Safety

  • Pressure die cast aluminum body with extended heat sink aids better heat dissipation
  • Special Polycarbonate material used in the injection molded diffuser which helps eliminate potholed effect and ensuring excellent light diffusions
  • High transmission diffuser provides the correct light output without dark or bright patch
  • In-built electrical protection keeps it safe from over voltage, miswiring, short circuit or overload
  • Available in Cool White and Neutral White

Installation & Maintenance

  • Compatible with standard 2' x 2' ceiling with cut-out dimension of 575 mm x 575 mm
  • Suspension mounting through 4 mounting brackets
  • Special attachment options available for gypsum ceiling

Ordering Information

Model Description LED type System Wattage Wt. (Kg)  Mains Current Power Factor
GCR055.56MO Maple 2x2 Commercial, 55W, IP-20 Cool white 55W ± 5% 4.5 0.30A >0.9
GCR055.40MO Maple 2x2 Commercial, 55W, IP-20 Neutral white
GCR042.56MO Maple '+' 2x2 Commercial, 42W, IP-20 Cool white 42W ± 5% 4.5 0.22A >0.9
GCR042.40MO Maple'+' 2x2 Commercial, 42W, IP-20 Neutral white
GCR036.56MO Maple 2x2 Commercial, 36W, IP-20 Cool white 36W ± 5% 4.5 0.19A >0.9
GCR036.40MO Maple 2x2 Commercial, 36W,IP-20 Neutral white

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