LED Lumination Luminaires for Recessed lighting

Exceptional Uniform Lights with LED Lumination™

The recessed luminaires of GE fit attractively into any kind of ceiling and can be applied for commercial, retails and various other applications, as well. Regardless of your need for exceptional uniform or more focused light, they all appear free of a visible light source.
The recessed LED Lumination™ luminaires provide the opportunity to transform general lighting into something special, a solution that combines efficient performance with ultra-smooth styling.

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Lumination™ Luminaires

Lumination Luminaires

Our ground-breaking Lumination™ LED Luminaires are backed by intelligent lighting control systems capable of delivering massive savings on energy costs. They improve the look and feel of the space and help you create a positive corporate image by their outstanding aesthetics as well.


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Downlight Range

Downlight range

GE Lighting's Downlight range provides an energy-efficient lighting solution for every indoor application – retail, office, gallery, health, education and leisure. It delivers an outstanding quality with less energy, and confirms green credentials with customers and opinion formers by its lower CO2 emission.

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