LED Tetra range for architectural lighting by GE

LED Architectural Systems

GE believes that environmental responsibility and beautiful architectural design can exist simultaneously. GE high-efficiency, long life LED architectural systems deliver exceptional performance for contour lighting, cove, back and undershelf lighting.

LED architectural lighting systems by GE Lighting Europe

Flexible installation

GE's architectural LED systems give lighting designers all the creative flexibility they could wish for, and at the same time offer enormous savings in energy use. They are designed to hug and highlight architectural shapes perfectly and formed to fit a wide variety of applications. With multiple colours and shapes, to choose from, architects can mix-n-match components to create bold designs and attractive accent lighting.

LED architectural lighting systems by GE Lighting Europe

Significant cost reduction

Judged against the performance of standard neon or fluorescent lamps, GE architectural LED systems provide significant cost reductions due to the energy efficient operation, easier jobsite installation and less frequent maintenance. At the same time, GE high-efficiency, long life LED systems deliver exceptional performance for the illumination of building structures and architectural elements.

Consistent brightness and uniformity

Even versus the most efficient fluorescent lamps, GE LED systems have an advantage in architectural applications due to the directional nature of the emitted light. 50,000 hours long life eliminates inconsistencies caused by relamping errors. Brand image will no longer suffer from dimmed or burned out lamps, incorrect colour temperatures, or different levels of brightness. There are no socket shadows to disrupt uniformity, only bright, even white light throughout all building structures.

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