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GE Downlight Luminaires

The GE Downlight family encompasses three technologies – LED, CMH and Biax™ (CFL) – to provide a complete range of solutions for downlight applications across every sector – for office, retail, museum, education and healthcare lighting applications, respectively.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

The breadth of choice and easy replacement / upgrades paths that exist across the GE Downlight range means that solutions are future-friendly and sustainable. Infusion™ LED lamps deliver a uniform white light with high CRI and lumen output, but quality of light is only part of the story. A lifetime of 50,000 hours means low cost of ownership, while a simple twist-fit design - like that of traditional lamps – enables the entire LED module to be removed and replaced in seconds. So, as LED technology advances, there's no need to buy or develop new luminaires – just upgrade to the next generation of the GE Infusion™ LED Module

Brilliant light, extended life and a future friendly design – LED lighting comes of age.

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Light aesthetics

The GE Downlight range provides outstanding aesthetic appeal on two levels.

Most important of course is quality of light. Effective downlighting builds mood. It creates excitement in high street stores, drama in museums and conditions conducive to business in offices. It draws the eye, attracts customers, creates shelf appeal and enables designers to start visual conversations with office workers, shoppers, diners and gallery visitors.

In addition, GE Downlights have aesthetic appeal in their own right, with a design consistency and continuity that extends across the different technologies.

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Project versatility

Every project has different factors to consider, and that's why we offer more traditional technologies alongside our state-of-the-art GE Infusion™ LED Modules. In this way, designers can select the most appropriate technology - or mix and match across different areas - to meet specific project requirements.

And by maintaining a consistency of physical design across our infusion™ LED module, CMH ConstantColour™ and Biax™ CFL lamps, we build in the flexibility to upgrade to an all-LED solution in the future.

  • Solutions for every project requirement
  • Choice of LED, CMH and CFL
  • Design consistency for economical upgrades
  • Low maintenance solutions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low initial investment or low operational costs

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