Albeo™ LED Luminaire

Albeo™ LED Luminaire

GE's Albeo™ LED Luminaire is a ground-breaking lighting product, bringing all the benefits of LED technology to high- and low-bay applications for the very first time. Purpose designed for use in retail sheds, warehouses and distribution centres, the Albeo ™ ABHG-series is a direct replacement for existing HID and T5/T8 high intensity fluorescent lamps, combining exceptional light quality with a long service life – essential in high bay applications – and also offering outstanding flexibility.

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Class-leading LED efficiency

The advanced LED technology at the heart of the GE Albeo™ LED Luminaire offers an exceptionally high efficacy of between 86-115 lm/W to enable significant savings in energy costs. The inherent efficiency of these LED luminaires also means that more lumens can be delivered from fewer fixtures, enabling major savings when replacing 250W-1,500W HID or four-to-eight lamp T5/T8 fluorescent fixtures.

  • Exceptional efficacy: 86-115 lm/W
  • Outputs: 7,500 to 37,000 lms
  • Bright white LED light
  • Choice of 70 or 80 CRI
  • Colour temperature options: 4000K, 5000K

Low total life cost

This exceptional luminaire also offers an extremely low total life cost, with a rated life of 65,000 hours offering extended maintenance cycles, a key factor in high-bay applications. Its innovative design ensures effective heat-sinking, while an upper limit thermal control manages fixture temperature to maximise its working life. These factors combine with the in-built energy efficiency of LED technology to deliver a luminaire with substantial cost advantages.

  • Rated life of 65,000 hours (L85)
  • Energy efficient LED technology
  • Integrated heat-sink
  • Low maintenance costs, short payback
  • Reduced relamping costs

Flexible modular design

The GE Albeo™ LED Luminaire is a rugged, modular solution that can be adapted to meet a wide range of needs, to deliver effective lighting solutions for heights of up to 20m, and there is a choice of mounting options. A precision lens system provides optimised illumination for open floor or racked aisles, and motion, daylight and wireless controls can be integrated for additional energy savings.

  • Modules: 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Beams: 20°, 30°, 40°, 80°, 120°
  • Field-upgradable lens
  • Robust cast aluminium housing
  • Chain or cable mounting-ready; optional rod/pendant kits
  • Optimised illumination for different applications
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