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Thoughts from Lux Live 2013: Are local authorities ‘switching off' when it comes to LED?

3rd December, 2013

LED street-lighting is becoming a hot topic globally, with more and more cities, governments, NGOs and others taking note of the tremendous benefits that LEDs offer in terms of energy and carbon savings, reduced maintenance, increased safety and beyond. One could say that from a global perspective, LED street lighting is becoming a common issue. At the local level, however, the picture is diverse and complex.

Lux Live 2013 highlighted that local markets and approaches to LED vary significantly, especially in the UK. Some local authorities are embracing LED technology and the potential it has to deliver long term cost savings and other benefits. They are finding ways to ‘spend to save' by leveraging loan vehicles like Salix and other financing solutions – indeed GE Lighting is able to offer these kinds of solutions and looks forward to working with councils and local authorities. Other local authorities, however, seem reluctant to embrace the technology, and are instead choosing to save energy by switching off street lights entirely, possibly at the detriment of public safety.

For GE Lighting, street lighting is a key focus and we were therefore particularly interested by the discussions surrounding this issue at this year's Lux Live.

We spoke to Alan Tulla, technical editor from Lux magazine and GE Lighting's Armin Mayer to understand more.

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Mark Hall, Sales General Manager for the UK and Ireland at GE Lighting

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