Does climate change need a profit agenda?

How modern industry and commerce is being transformed through technological innovation?

Watch the video about our first Illuminated Minds Roundtable, an ‘out-of-the-box' discussion, moderated by Beth Comstock (GE Chief Marketing Officer), around innovative business ideas that will accelerate the transformation of our lives based on energy efficient solutions and revolutionise today's and tomorrow's economies.

9th April, 2014

We recently brought together leading thinkers in commercial innovation to consider the sometimes massive hurdles that stand between vision and results. In this first excerpt from our Illuminated Minds roundtable, Beth Comstock talks to Claude Grunitzky, Gundeep Singh, Serge de Gheldere, Shona Seifert and Agostino Renna on why ‘efficiency' is the greatest place to start when it comes to sustainability.

In a discussion that explores how modern industry and commerce is being transformed through technological innovation, we look at its capacity to drive what is needed to combat climate change. All agree: Sustainability must be commercially viable and at the business core. Furthermore, it's not just technological innovation that is required but business model innovation too.

The second part is about the challenges of encouraging entrepreneurism – particularly for larger organisations. While the spirit of innovation is very much alive, the key is finding ways to harness and nurture this creative thinking, giving it room to grow.

Watch the discussion about how to capture the sort of risk taking culture most often seen in start-up businesses.


With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, developing the responsiveness to adapt quickly to the market can be a real challenge for big businesses. In the third installment of our Illuminated Minds roundtable, we ask how strategic partnerships can be leveraged to create powerful resources on both sides.


Technological innovation means we are on the brink of a world where data channeling and intelligent interconnected machines will significantly improve efficiencies in every walk of life. From decreasing energy use, to understanding consumer behavior, to managing patient information in healthcare environments, the opportunities are endless and the benefits untold. In the final part of our Illuminated Minds roundtable, we ask how big data and the Industrial Internet will shape the future.

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Watch the full discussion here.

Listen to our podcast about the roundtable discussion

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Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock is Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of GE. She leads the company's organic growth and commercial innovation initiatives, and the sales, marketing and communications function. She is responsible for the GE-wide business platforms, incl. ecomagination, devoted to reducing environmental impact with new technology.

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