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Lighting - the low hanging fruit in the energy saving equation

Climate change is really a function of a couple of things. An increasing population on the planet - and that increasing population aspiring to a wealthier lifestyle; which creates a greater demand for energy over time. So we have to get better at managing energy, producing it more cleanly and utilising it more effectively.

17th April, 2013

When you think about the amount of energy consumed by lighting and in particular you narrow it down to the amount of electrical energy consumed, our industry has an obligation to figure out how we do more with less. And because of this, we are starting to make that important shift in approach - from treating lighting as a disposable commodity to a strategic asset.

This calls for a different level of due diligence and decision-making that focuses on the purpose, economics and behaviour of the lighting devices used. The ideal model for sustainable lighting solutions is to adopt systems that provide the highest level of lighting quality at the lowest level of operating cost. Models that are outcome based, developed through partnerships with key stakeholders.

And we're seeing significant paybacks. For example, in recent trials for an international hotel chain, even the worst payback we will see on about a 150 000 Euro investment is only 20 months. In the context of energy using products, I challenge anyone to rival these results.

From the perspective of electrical energy and energy usage, lighting is actually the ‘low hanging fruit' in the equation. It plays a very big, important part of how we combat climate change.

The contribution that we can make is a material one and I often find this is one of my personal pet peeves, that our industry is very silent, almost too silent, on the impact that we create as an industry on the broader energy efficiency equation and the broader climate change equation.

I think it's a message that we need to be relaying more often.

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Agostino Renna

Agostino Renna

Agostino is currently President & CEO of GE Lighting for Europe, the Middle East and Africa where he has full operating responsibility for the lighting business in the EMEA region.
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