GE Lighting Indonesia - Incandescent & Fluorescent Lamp Factory

GE Lighting Indonesia is a subsidiary of the GE Appliance and Lighting Business, producing lamps, doing some fixture assembly, and distribution center of  GE lamp product in Indonesia. The type of lamps produced are incandescent, Linear Fluorescent Lamp (LFL), and Fluorescent Circle Lamp (FCL). Many other type range of GE lamp product such as roadway lamp, building application, and  sport stadium have been distributed for the most of capital city in Indonesia including the prestigious of Borobudur Lighting, the prestigious one of Indonesian symbol.


GE Lighting Indonesia is located in Yogyakarta Province, which has unique culture and become one of the most popular of tourism center. During last view years GE Lighting Indonesia has shown a better growth. We have approximately 600 people working to support the business and ready to serve our customers.

All great achievement is in line with our commitment to be a leader in lamp business. Stronger, simplified, and more focus on management system and commercial development strategy has proven that the future is in hand.

Our Products

Incandescent Product
  • A19, A55, A60 E-Coated
  • T55 E-Coated
  • MG 50 Coated
Fluorescent Lamp
  • T8 specialty LFL
  • T12 LFL
  • T9 FCL , 32W
Fixture Assembly
  • M2AR
  • SkyGen
  • Mariner, Louver, Batten, Durastreet, Corol
  • R250 LED
yogyakarta_lfl_100x100.jpg yogyakarta_fcl_150x150.jpg yogyakarta_a19_150x150.jpg
r250-led_family_100x100.jpg prod_series_skygen_family_100x100.jpg prod_series_corol_family_100x100.jpg


1986           Lamp Manufacturing Site of Sinar Baru Electric (SiBalec)
1996          Joint Venture with Sinar Baru Electric (SiBalec), 87% GE Ownership
2002           Acquisition by GE (GE Ownership)


ISO 9001 certified
Health Ahead certified


MDG Awards

Contact Us

GE Lighting Indonesia
Jl. Magelang Km 9.6 Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Phone : +62-274-868-704

Fax : +62-274-868-403
Director:     Hendriyani, Gundana :
Commercial leader:     Dolores, Linartio :
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