UVA Blacklight Biax™ - Internal Starter

UVA Blacklight Biax L - External Starter

Blacklight lamps range from 315 - 400 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. Blacklight lamps consist of a regular fluorescent lamp tube with a special phosphor coating on the lamp that emits in the UV-A range. These phosphors are made with rare earth components which enables the lamp last over a complete insect season

Blacklight Blue lamps are made of cobalt blue glass which absorbs most visible light

General Characteristics

Wattage [W] 24 36 55
Volts [V] 87 107 101
Cap/Base 2G11 2G11 2G11
Initial UVA Irradiance1 [mW/cm² @ 20cm] 980 1280 1630
Peak Wavelength [nm] 368 368 368
Life 980 1,280 1,630
Maximum Overall Length [mm] 326.8 421.8 541.8
Maximum Overall Diameter [mm] 32 32 32
Product Description F24BX BL 2G11 F36BX BL 2G11 F55BX BL 2G11
Operating position Universal Universal Universal
Pack Qty 10 10 10
Brand General Electric (GE) General Electric (GE) General Electric (GE)

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