GE Specialty lamps Performance tested, performance proven

GE has been a leading supplier to laboratories, hospitals, airports, aquariums and other specialty lamp users for many decades and continues it's pioneering work in the development of new and innovative light sources

Shatter Resistant and ultra violet content emission

Sheathed by virgin polycarbonate plastic which effectively contains the glass fragments and phosphors if the lamp is broken, GE's shatter resistant lamps insure safety along with long wave UV light where applicable

Use GE Germicidal lamps where sterile environments are paramount

GE Germicidal lamps use a special UV transmitting glass that can break down ultra-violet light in a spectral band for sterilization. A proven technology for the destruction of airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores

Turning light into heat

Turn light into heat and heat objects and people, not the air between. GE heat lamps are ideal for space heating outside bars and restaurants along with many industrial, horticultural applications

Choosing light sources for salt and fresh water aquariums and reptiles

Although our lighting products contribute to your pet's overall well-being, the best conditions will always be achieved with a complete understanding of your pet's unique needs.

GE airfiled lighting products

The airport environment has many specific lighting locations and functions, each with their own requirement for fixtures and lamp sources. GE makes a broad range of lamps for all the major applications on the airfield

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