GE Showbiz lamps - performance tested, performance proven

GE is a full line supplier to the entertainment industry offering a range of lamp technologies for use including stage, studio, film and event lighting.

Cinema lighting - much better daylight and predictable colour

GE Cinema fluorescent lamps have phosphor blends which better match daylight and tungsten spectra providing predictable colour for standard film processing, without the need for expensive filtering

Spot and directional lighting with GE PAR lamps

GE PAR lamps provide tried and tested quality that can be relied on and are ideally suited for night club or discos or other applications such as swimming pools or locomotive lamps.

Photo and projection applications

Tailored filaments, prefocus-type caps or precision rim mounting to position the filament accurately in relation to the optics, optimise source brightness giving high performance in many applications

Spectacular stage productions are enhanced with moving GE Spot Lights

GE has a wide variety of single and double ended spot lights which are ideal for the moving lights used in theatres brought on by ever increasing demands for more spectacular stage productions

Discharge Lamps - where high light output and high colour temperature is required

GE lighting has a wide range of lamps for events and tours where high light output and high colour temperature is required to give the best light effect for the performing artists and audiences

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