Cinema Plus Biax

GE offers 55 W high lumen lamps called Cinema Plus and Studio Biax for TV studio and video applications. Both lamps are colour tuned to match tungsten and daylight lamp sources. 

Cinema Plus is recommended for film use. 

This “Film Friendly” matches the spectral sensitivity of tungsten or daylight film stock. 

This full-spectrum design has a CRI up to 95 and is a gel-free light source

General Characteristics

Product Wattage Cap Lumen CCT Operating Life Length Pack
Description [W]   [lm] [K] position [h] [mm] Qty
F55BX/CINPLUS/32 55 2G11-4 Pin 2,400 3,200 U 2,000 55 10
F55BX/CINPLUS/55 55 2G11-4 Pin 2,400 5,600 U 2,000 55 10

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