Energy smart LED Omni A19

Product information

The new LED A19 General Purpose Bulb - Omni from GE, which is the first true 40W equivalent LED bulb. It consumes just 9W, provides 80-percent energy saving, lasts at least 25 times as long, and meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines

Balanced Light Distribution Comparison

GE scientists and engineers designed GE's Energy Smart® LED bulb to better direct light all around (270°), not just out the top of the lampshade, as some current LED bulbs do. tech_list_led_omni_light_dist_312x210.jpg


  • Dimmable 10%~100%
  • 2700K & 3000K
  • 20 & 35 degree beam angles
  • 50,000h life hours
  • 450-500 Lumens

Application areas

Accent lighting in hotel, restaurant, retailing shop etc.
For table lamp of standard E27 socket

Specification features

  • Expected to consume just 9W compared with 40W INC/HAL or 10w CFL, while delivering nearly the same light output
  • Expected 25,000-hour rated life-will last 17 years (4 hours per day), which is 25 times longer than a general service 40W INC or HAL bulb and more than 3 times longer than a standard 8000-hour rated life CFL 
  • LED technology delivers the instant full brightness of an INC or HAL bulb
  • Durable solid-state design with no filament to break
  • Contains no mercury and will be RoHS compliant 
  • Feels cooler to the touch than CFLs and far cooler than incandescent bulbs

Specification summary

Description Type Wattage (W) Input Voltage (V) Socket CCT CRI Lumen (lm) Life (hrs)
LED9/A60/830/100-120V/E26/BL A19 9 100-120 E26 3000K 80 470 25000
LED9/A60/765/100-120V/E26/BL A19 9 100-120 E26 6500K 70 525 25000
LED9/A60/830/220-240V/E27/BL A19 9 220-240 E27 3000K 80 470 25000
LED9/A60/765/220-240V/E27/BL A19 9 220-240 E27 6500K 70 525 25000
LED9/A60/830/220-240V/B22/BL A19 9 220-240 B22 3000K 80 470 25000
LED9/A60/765/220-240V/B22/BL A19 9 220-240 B22 6500K 70 525 25000

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