Sportlight™ Internal Ignitor Featured

Sportlight Internal Ignitor

Sportlight™ lamps are high light output Metal Halide Lamps with high colour rendering index. They are designed for use in sport stadia and other recreational facilities

Basic Data

Product Description Wattage [W] Lamp Current CCT [K] CRI [Ra] CAP Length [mm] Initial Lumens [lm] Avg.Life (Hr) Pack Qty Finish Bulb Burn Position
Sportlight™ Linear
SPL1500/L/H/652/Rx7SM 1500 4.2A 5200K 65 Rx7SM 256 120000 6000 1/1 Double Ended HOR±15°
SPL2000/L/H/654/spec 2000 10.3A 5200K 65 spec. 311 200000 6000 1/1 Double Ended HOR±15°
Sportlight™ Linear
SPL1000/T/H/960/E40 1000 9.5A 6000K 90 E40 340 80000 8000 1/4 Tubular HOR±60°
SPL2000/I/T/H/640/E40 2000 8.8A 4000K 65 E40 430 190000 2000 1/4 Tubular HOR±75°
SPL2000/220V/T/H/640/E40 2000 16.5A 4000K 65 E40 430 180000 2000 1/4 Tubular HOR±75°
Sportlight™ Internal Ignitor
SPL2000/T/H/960/E40 2000 10.3A 6000K 93 E40 430 170000 5000 1/4 Tubular HOR±60°
SPL2000/I/T/H/960/E40 2000 10.3A 6000K 93 E40 430 170000 5000 1/4 Tubular HOR±60°

Product Dimensions


Type Wattage A length [mm] B Diameter [mm] C LCL [mm] Cap Bulb Glass Operating Position Fig. No Min. Start Temperature [°C]
SPL1500/L/H/652/Rx7SM 1500 250.7 24.3 N/A RX7SM Quartz HOR±15° 2 -30
SPL2000/L/H/651 spec 2000 310 26 N/A Spec Quartz HOR±15° 3 -30
SPL1000/T/H/960/E40 1000 333.5 65 229 E40 Hard glass HOR±60° 4 -20
SPL2000/380V/T/H/960/E40 2000 430 101.5 265 E40 Hard glass HOR±60° 1 -20
SPL2000/220V/T/H/640/E40 2000 430 101.5 287±5 E40 Hard glass HOR±75° 1 -20
SPL2000/380V/I/T/H/640/E40 2000 430 101.5 265 E40 Hard glass HOR±75° 1 -20
SPL2000/380V/I/T/H/960/E40 2000 430 101.5 265 E40 Hard glass HOR±60° 1 -20

Operating note

Metal halide lamps operate with a high internal pressure and there is a slight risk that lamps may shatter, particularly if run beyond rated life. At end of life a switch off should be introduced every 24 hours to reduce the risk of shattering. The lamp must be fully enclosed by a luminaire to ensure the retention of any fragments in the event of such failure.

Supply voltage

Lamps are suitable for supplies in the range 380V to 420V 50/60Hz for appropriately rated series choke (reactor) ballasts. Lamps start and operate at 10% below the rated supply voltage when the correct control gear is used. However, in order to maximize lamp survival, lumen maintenance and colour uniformity the supply voltage and ballast design voltage should be within ±3%. Supply variations of ±5% are permissible for short periods only. This may be achieved by measuring mean supply voltage at the installation and selecting ballasts with appropriate settings

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