ConstantColor CMH Single Ended

ConstantColor™ CMH lamps combine HPS technology (providing stability, efficiency & uniformity) and Metal Halide technology (providing bright white quality light) to produce highly efficient light sources with good colour rendering and consistent colour performance through life.

Single ended Ceramic Metal Halide lamps are designed to provide symmetrical beam distribution using the axial configuration of the discharge arc. A variety of beam angles are possible and adjustable beam control can be built into the luminaire. This compact lamp shape enables luminaire size to be minimised and the bi-pin lamp base enables easy changing with front access.

Ultra long life

Products and merchandise will be lit better and longer with these lamps:

  • Industry-leading life up to 18,000 hours
  • Longer re-lamping intervals means less maintenance cots
  • Lower cost of ownership through extended life

Improved colour quality

Colour of light is as important as the quantity of light, and is everything to a successful store. Customers are attracted by seeing goods in their true colours and by environments that create an ambience appropriate to the retail brand. GE ConstantColor™ CMH Ultra lamps provide superior colour rendering and consistent colour uniformity. Stunning 930 colour light output brings reds, yellows and browns vividly to life. And with minimal lamp-to-lamp colour variation, you can be sure of consistency throughout the store.

Ultra performance in terms of:

  • colour rendering
  • lumen output
  • reliability

High efficiency with increased lumen maintenance

GE Ultra technology offers the highest lumen maintenance of the entire low watt CMH lamp range. You can assume extending relamping cycles by at least one year, which means welcome savings on maintenance costs. Even at the end of the lamp's rated life, the lumen output is up to 33% more than with our standard range. Ultra really is the ultimate choice for extra performance.

General Characteristics

Wattage [W] 39
Voltage [V] 92
Lumens [lm] 3500
Cap/Base G12
Bulb Shape T
Bulb Finish Clear
Colour temperature [K] 3000
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) [Ra] 87
Colour Code 930
Lamp Current [A] 0.40
Maximum Overall Length [mm] 90
Light Center Length [mm] 56
Design Ambient Temperature [°C] 25
Ballast Required Yes
Burn Position VBU - Vert Base Up
Chromacity Coordinate X 0.441
Chromacity Coordinate Y 0.4
UV radiance Exempt
Brand General Electric (GE)

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