SE mains voltage capsule short G9 - Strd

GE G9 capsule lamps are the most compact mains voltage light sources available.The lamps use a patented filament support system which eliminates the disadvantages of the earlier bridge-type designs. In this design there are no additional metal and glass parts inside the capsule, which provides excellent, safe end-of-life behaviour. GE G9 lamps are made from a quartz material which blocks virtually all UV-B and UV-C radiation.


  • Self shielded, therefore can be operated in open fixtures
  • UV radiation falls much below the international threshold values
  • Dimmable
  • Rated average life: 1,000 to 2,000 hours


  • General lighting for residential and commercial purposes, especially illumination of light sensitive objects in shop-windows, galleries, museums, etc.
  • Task lighting

IEC Standards

GE tungsten halogen lamps comply with the following international standards where applicable:

  • IEC 60432-3 Tungsten Halogen Lamps Safety
  • IEC 60357 Tungsten Halogen Lamps Performance
  • IEC 60061-1 Lamp Caps & Holders, Part 1: Lamp caps

General Characteristics

Description Wattage [W] Volts [V] Cap Lumen [lm] CCT [K] Life [h] Diameter [mm] Length [mm]
SHORTG9 25W CL 230V 25 230 G9 260 2800 1,500 13 43
SHORTG9 40W CL 230V 40 230 G9 460 2800 3,000 13 43
SHORTG9 25W CL 240V 25 240 G9 260 2800 1,500 13 43
SHORTG9 40W CL 240V 40 240 G9 460 2800 3,000 13 43
OT SHORTG9 25W CL 240V GE HFBL2/20 TRAY 25 240 G9 255 2650 2,000 12.5 41.8
OT SHORTG9 40W CL 240V GE HFBL2/20 TRAY 40 240 G9 40 2700 2,000 12.5 42.8
OT SHORTG9 60W CL 240V GE HFBL2/20 TRAY 25 240 G9 790 2700 1,500 12.5 44.8
OT SHORTG9 75W CL 240V GE HFBL2/20 TRAY 40 240 G9 1040 2700 1,500 12.5 44.8

Tungsten Halogen Principle

The tungsten filament is enclosed in a gas filled quartz bulb, together with a controlled quantity of halogen. At the operating temperature some tungsten evaporates and migrates to the cooler areas of the bulb wall where before it can be deposited, it combines with the halogen to form a tungsten halide. This circulates until it comes near the filament where the halide dissociates and deposits the tungsten back on the filament. This cycle continues throughout the operating life of the lamp. As the bulb wall remains clean the bulb size can be reduced considerably by the use of quartz which can withstand the high wall temperatures required by the halogen cycle. The small bulb and strong materials withstand much higher working pressures, this reduces filament evaporation, thus offering increased performance either as more light or longer life. tech_hal_g9_caps_tu_princ_222x150.jpg

Light,life & Voltage

For any particular lamp, the light output and life depend upon the voltage at which a lamp is operated. For instance, as approximations, the light output of G9 lamps varies as the 3.7th power of the voltage and the life varies inversely as the 9th power of the voltage. The chart below illustrates the effects of overvoltage or undervoltage applied to lamp on its power, life and light output. The values given are reasonably valid between 70% and 130% rated voltage. Since the halogen cycle is optimized at rated voltage, a certain degree of bulb blackening occurs at overvoltage. The chart applies only for A.C. operation. The life may be reduced for lamp operation on half-wave rectified or D.C. voltage because of a harmful unidirectional tungsten diffusion within the coil. Phase-splitting semiconductor dimming devices have no reducing effect on life. tech_hal_g9_caps_llv_310x240.jpg

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