Precise MR11 - Open

GE's halogen reflector range provides compact, high output light sources with a wide scope for creative lighting. As with other GE halogen lamps, they combine the advantage of very high light quality, intensity and control with efficient use of energy. Extra compact form, making it ideal where space is at premium.

General Characteristics

  M62/FTD M66/FTF M199/FTH
Wattage [W] 20 35 35
Volts [V] 12 12 12
Cap GU4 GU4 GU4
Candela [cd] 550 2300 1300
Beam Angle [°] 26 21 26
CCT [K] 2900 2900 2900
Life [h] 3500 3500 3500
Diameter [mm] 35 35 35
Length [mm] 40 40 40
Lumen [lm]
Bulb Type MR11 MR11 MR11

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