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Precise™MR16 lamps are low voltage tungsten halogen reflector-mounted lamps popular for downlighting and accent lighting applications because of their small size, precise beam control, high efficacy, excellent white light and cool beam characteristics. 

New ConstantColor™Precise™IR lamp comprises a small halogen low voltage filament infra-red coated capsule permanently cemented into a one-piece, dichroic coated all glass reflector.Beam patterns range from very narrow spots to wide floods.The lamp incorporates an integral clear lens to ensure that both bulb and reflector are protected from dust and dirt during installation and operation. Cover glass effectively eliminates UV-C radiation and greatly reduces UV-B radiation.

Features & Benefits

  • IR coated capsule
    −Results in up to 43% energy saving
  • Premium ConstantColor™coating
    −Advanced GE Thin Film Technology
    • To maintain consistent colour over life
    −Reliable hard dichroic coating (double sided)
    • Close to 90% maintained light output over life
    • Eliminates backlight
    −Does not evaporate & maintains reflectance through life
  • Precise optical control. Evenly lit surfaces
  • Crisp, white light
  • Long 5000 hour life
  • UV control
  • Provide instant, full light output at start-up
  • Environmentally friendly with no lead or mercury

Halogen IR Technology

Standard incandescent and halogen lamps lose approximately 76% of the input energy by radiating heat, and convert only 8% into useful light. The Precise?IR halogen capsule has multiple layers of very durable, thin, interference film which redirects heat, which would otherwise be wasted, back onto the lamp filament. This increases the filament temperature and allows it to give off more visible light for the same input power.

The increased burning efficiency provides the same light performance with a significantly reduced power input, alternatively allows a longer lamp operating life or a combination of both.


ConstantColor Coating

The application of GE Thin Film Technology is designed to maintain consistent colour throughout life. The durable Titania and Silica coating materials can withstand temperatures of 500°C without degradation over a rated life of 5000 hours. tech_const_clr_coating_250x150.jpg

General Characteristics

Description Wattage [W] Volts [V] Cap Candela [cd] Beam Angle [°] CCT [K] Life [h] Bulb Type Diameter [mm] Length [mm]
Q20MR16HIR/CCG10 20 12 GU5.3 6000 10 2900 5000 MR16 51 51
Q20MR16HIR/CCG24 20 12 GU5.3 2300 24 2900 5000 MR16 51 51
Q20MR16HIR/CCG36 20 12 GU5.3 1000 36 2900 5000 MR16 51 51
Q35MR16HIR/CCG10 35 12 GU5.3 12000 10 2950 5000 MR16 51 51
Q35MR16HIR/CCG24 35 12 GU5.3 4200 24 2950 5000 MR16 51 51
Q35MR16HIR/CCG36 35 12 GU5.3 2000 36 2950 5000 MR16 51 51

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