CFL T3 Spiral - 20000 Hours Featured

T3 Spiral - 20,000 Hours

Along with superior reliability, high light output per watt, GE eXcite also offers an incredible 20000 hours life. That's almost double many other compact fluorescent lamps! GE eXcite continues a great tradition of innovation at GE, the company that produced the world's first practical light bulb


  • Can be used to replace standard incandescent lamps in a variety of applications
  • Ideal for use in recessed downlights, security lighting or areas that require high lighting levels
  • If outdoors, use a waterproof fixture. Not dimmable


  • Ultra Long Life : GE eXcite offers an incredibly long and genuine 20000 hours average rated life, which means that it could last up to 20 years (based on 3 hours usage per day)
  • Increased Light Output : With a spiral shaped design, GE eXcite provides better light distribution and up to 23% greater light output than standard U-shape energy savers
  • Shorter Length : Spiral designs are also up to 19% shorter than equivalent U-shape energy savers, allowing extra flexibility in applications

GE Description Watt Colour Temp Base Volt Life [Hrs] Lumens CRI[Ra] MOL [mm] MOD [mm] Pack Qty
FLE10HLX/827/B22/XL 10 Warm White B22 220-240 20,000 520 80 115m 43mm 10
FLE10HLX/827/E27/XL 10 Warm White E27 220-240 20,000 520 80 115mm 43mm 10
FLE15HLX/827/B22/XL 15 Warm White B22 220-240 20,000 900 80 126mm 52mm 10
FLE15HLX/827/E27/XL 15 Warm White E27 220-240 20,000 900 80 126mm 52mm 10
FLE20HLX/827/B22/XL 20 Warm White B22 220-240 20,000 1200 80 125mm 59mm 10
FLE20HLX/827/E27/XL 20 Warm White E27 220-240 20,000 1200 80 125mm 59mm 10

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