Iluminação Automotiva

Automotive lamps

GE has played a leading role in Automotive Lighting for many years.
GE Lighting has one of the widest selections of automotive lamps available.
The company is certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14000 series.

The reliability and quality of GE automotive lamps is ensured by
  • computer-managed and controlled design process
  • fully automated production lines
  • a commitment to continuous improvement
  • high level of quality assurance system
  • E1 ECE homologation
  • EOLV, ROHS compliance

Front Lighting - Discharge Automotive headlight lamps

GE Xensation lamps one of the GE Lighting's automotive lighting solutions

GE Xensation lamps provide a major leap in road safety over conventional halogen lamps due to enormous increase in the illuminated field of vision.

Emergency boxes

Emergency boxes including all necessary automotive lamps

GE emergency kits are designed to secure your way – useful in case of an emergency and a legal requirement to carry in many countries.

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