9004 - Double filament forward lighting halogen lamps


Double filament forward lighting low beam halogen lamps

General Characteristics

Lamp type Miniature - T & TL Shape
Bulb T4.75 (T4 3/4)
Base Axial Plastic Prefocus
Primary Application Headlamp-Low beam only; Headlamp-High/Low beam; Headlamp-High beam only
Filament C-6/C-6
Rated Life 150 hrs/850 hrs
Bulb Material Hard glass
Atmosphere Gas-filled
Initial Lumens 1195 /690
Nominal Initial Lumens per Watt 18/15
Mean Spherical Candlepower (MSCP) 95 /55
Wattage 65 /47
Voltage 13 /13
Maximum Overall Length (MOL) 105.9 mm
Bulb Diameter (DIA) 15.0 mm
Light Center Length (LCL) 44.4 mm

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