Plug-in CFL Electromagnetic Ballast

Compact size, stable power output, low temperate rise, long life design, low Loss, efficient


  • Stable power output , excellent choice for high line voltage fluctuation areas
  • Low temperate rise, long life design
  • Low Loss, efficient, Tw 130℃
  • Working with plug-in CFL 2 pin
  • Vacuum saturation technology, keep noise level within 25db
  • Fireproof materials ensures safe and reliable operation
  • Compact size, easy for installation


  • Office, Hospital
  • Shop, Hotel, Supermarket
  • Airport, Subway, Railway Station

Certifications & Regulations

  • CCC
  • Harmonic: IEC 61000-3-2
  • Safety: IEC 61347-2-3. IEC 61347-1